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  • me to male characters I like: *steps on u*
  • me to female characters I like: step on me
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Practicing some battles and compositions. ;3;

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fullmetal alchemist

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El Pais
Lady Flower
Ph: Sergi Pons
Model: Melodie Monrose

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Imagine your icon licking a Popsicle in a seductive way, then dropping it on the ground and crying. 

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Persepolis (2007) - Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud

Story of a rebel and outspoken young Iranian girl during the Islamic Revolution.

5 things about this movie:

1- It’s in french.
2- You can learn Islamic history and a lot about women rights.
3- It’s as great as the book.
4- It’s based on the life of Marjane Satrapi, the writer of the movie and the book.
5- It’s an animated movie, yeah, but it’s for adults. (I’m not saying that adults can’t watch disney films) 

I fucking loved this book and film

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He can keep the couch.
Dexter a.k.a Thanatos belongs to me
Jack the ripper belongs to crowntron

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really tho I would kill for more nonromantic soulmates

soulmate best friends who met as children and don’t remember life apart

soulmate siblings whose parents always worry if there’s something unhealthy about their relationship

mentor-student soulmates who never stop learning from each other

soulmates whose relationships are ignored by society and just that much more intimate for it

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Alexander McQueen off-the-shoulder gown: black silk-organza, peaked at front of bodice with internal underwired and boned mesh, raw finish, long and loose sheer sleeves, heavily ruched, button-fastening cuffs, dégradé cream hem, ruched strips at skirt, train, fully lined.

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and it doesn’t hurt your eyes? o.o

Omg no, heh. Then again mac screens and their brightness settings are weird as hell. |D

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*talks about u behind ur back but in a supportive way about how cool u are and how much i love u*

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Accidentally tested out some colors on a frightened youth.